Inventory Management and Accounting

Inventory Management System Overview

Astral Inventory Management System manages multiple location branches from single location. It is built using latest technology for flexible working and compatible with tablets, smartphones, desktop and laptop. It gives complete control over purchase, stock and sale of goods as well as provides exact status at any given point of time.

Our Approach

A business' inventory is one of its major assets and represents an investment that is tied up until the item is sold or used in the production. It also costs money to store, track and insure inventory. Inventories that are mismanaged can create significant financial problems for a business, whether the mismanagement results in an inventory glut or an inventory shortage.

Inventory Management is a web based and cloud deployment application. This provides you various flexible options on hosting your application. You may choose to host the application on your own servers or deploy it on cloud with service provider of your choice.

System - Feature List
Barcode Printing

When it comes to producing barcodes, barcode is the smart solution-increasing efficiency while lowering costs. We also offer complete hardware packages and customized solutions. We understand every industry has unique demands so we offer the most sophisticated barcode label-making module in the industry.


Transactions are at the heart of inventory management and we make it easy to perform transactions. With some inventory programs, moving items in and out of inventory is way too complex.

Data Management

The system makes it easy to manage all of the data on a single click generating real time tracking. Stop managing your inventory software and focus on your inventory instead. New Item ID's, locations, units of measure, item and location groups and more are created on the fly quickly and easily.

Track Serial Numbers

Do you need to have total traceability for lots, batches, or serial numbers? Then our unique tag feature is for you! Apply a unique tag once to an item and that tag will stay with the item throughout its life in inventory. This leads to tracking if entire history of the product from the point of purchase till sales.

Store Items in Multiple Locations

Clearly, inventory tries to match what's true right now in the physical world and not the "accounting world". Your stuff is all over the place, in transit, reserved for future sales, in work in progress, etc...


Clearly Inventory offers a wide variety of ways to examine your current inventory. You'll also have an accurate historical record of all your transactions and inventory activity.